Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sack date Revealed

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is under immense pressure after a poor start to the Premier League season.

Manchester United fans want executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and appoint former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino. United were previously linked with the Argentine, who is now available after being shown the door by Spurs last week.

However Manchester United fans want Woodward to do all he can to get the former Southampton boss with Real Madrid also linked to Pochettino

One wrote: “Love Ole the same way I love Man United.. but the results can’t stay this way when Pochettino is waiting for our call”

Another added: “Miss the first 12 minutes of the game. Turn it on, 0-1 down at Old Trafford against Villa. Not even surprised. F*** this though, get Pochettino at United before Madrid turn his head.”Solskjaer is under pressure at United with the Red Devils winning just four of their first 13 Premier League matches.

Though the Norwegian recently insisted he was not feeling the pressure despite Pochettino being available.The United manager said: “No, it doesn’t bother me at all because I’ve got the best job in the world.

“I’m sure that if you’re in or out of a job and you are a manager, you would want this job. So it doesn’t really matter whatever happens around it.


  1. I don’t know why everybody are saying, sack him, sack him,. To me, sacking him is not the solution to man-u problem, let him go to market for January transfer let’s see what will happen then, because, with the look of man-u presently, we don’t have any quality player to be proud of, and he can only use the player he has to play the game

    • Get the fact that we as fans we’re hurting inside I’m not trying to ruin OGS contract but Manchester united don’t deserve him yet, yes he saved us 1999 I do agree with that though I wasn’t born but I’m glad I’m here now and ready to look for a chance to play at old Trafford I don’t mean the senior team but the academy for the time being and as I get to learn more bout soccer I’m saying this cause I think sometimes later I’ll be the saviour

    • Man Utd will not buy big in January, the issue sits with the board, they’ve led the club to virtual mid table mediocracy, however Ole has no tactical skill, can not change a game with a decision or substitution. The players do not have an idea what to do under him.

      We need 2 midfielders, a forward, winger, Centre back and a left back before we can begin to challenge… this board will take 4 years to get what we need in..

  2. Most of the times, we the fans blame the coaches for the poor performance of players, case in point OGS. MAN UTD fans feel let down by Ole but the major issue here is the players (lousy ones). Our attackers are not consistent and that’s not OGS’s fault so lets first remind our players of what it means to be a part of that great club. I will tolerate Ole and his boys this once, the Tottenham match is where I will fire the whole staff and the squad myself. Thank you guys for the point though….

    • I think OGS should be suck as soon as possible for us to get to know if OGS was the problem or it’s our players who ain’t serious matter or fact I think pochttino should be given a chance to prove himself and take us to the next level…. And edwood stop acting as if everything is okey ooh I get it maybe you want Manchester united to be relegated? Come on men I’m a big fan and if there was a way would have ask for a chance to play for the reds devils sometimes but for you do something I’m about to die cause i’m heartbroken day in day out I don’t know bout this week matches but I think it’s gone be hard to let go

  3. Sacking him is not the right option. The best thing is to sign new players these January and make him rule his own tactics. His three signing says a lot. No manager can bring ManU up unless we sign new players. He is giving chances to young and new academy player know that.
    Ole in and he must stay.

  4. Yes you can talk about pochethino but remember he was also sacked from spurs for poor performance may be your mistaken here a coach with good players compared with a coach with minars let’s just give ogs some time and avail him with good players later we can judge him period

  5. Let’s give him the next season after the market and see what he is going to put on the table sacking him won’t improve us,looking at the injuries around us that’s why we can’t win

    • Give OGS the right bunch of players and he will turn the club around. ManU used to be a proud club and we held no punches back when it came to spending and getting the right players in. We need seniority in the midfield and strike positions. Give OGS a chance to prove himself. We can’t appoint a Manager that has just been sacked!

  6. We already changed 4 managers and no progress. Managers are not the problem! Ed is the problem! They have to through Ed out! They have to start letting Football propel make Football decisions! The Glazers are not here to win trophies, they are here for business, make money! They don’t give a shit about our feelings! Ownership change is the only solution! Drop the top down!

  7. First Woodward should be sacked..for poor signings, extending contracts for useless baggages & refusing to back Ole in summer transfers.

  8. Hiring Poch would be the most idiotic move. He cant even win with top attackers at spurs and what are you expecting him to do at united

  9. No one can take man.united to glory days except the one who has the united DNA, may be he will be Ole; Even JM the one who was decorated by many titles can’t afford any think for the last 3 seasons.

  10. Ole gunnar tactically he is so poor, also players lacking quality haunting the team to many wasted chances on attack we just got to give him until January if he doesnt sign quality players in the summer he should be sacked.The team need to play as a unit to win matches and deprive Maguire Captain armbarnd he is not a leader in the game at all

  11. Our players is the problem and not OLG we need a good strong two midfielders to be able to hold on to our lead lets give OLG more time to prove himself

  12. I dont want Manchester United boss OLE to be sack. Sacking him is never the issues now. Let them get paul POGBA out of the club and buy good players needed and see what will happen next.

  13. Give OGS the right bunch of players and he will turn the club around. ManU used to be a proud club and we held no punches back when it came to spending and getting the right players in. We need seniority in the midfield and strike positions. Give OGS a chance to prove himself. We can’t appoint a Manager that has just been sacked!

  14. Man Utd has been a mess since LVG ,was in charge. And the mess has been that we don’t a great fantastic squar. Us as Man Utd fans we must understand theres a serious lack of quality and world class players currently at Utd. When Ole took charge people never actually realize the mess thats there already, and some were crying for him to have the post permanently. I think he has giving everything with the tools at hand. What’s also notable, is Ole manage to beat good teams Chelsea,Leicester
    etc.but don’t seem to do the same against less stronger teams. Ed has made serious blunders,with all managers after SAF. Bruno Fernandez,Everton Soares, Richarlson,Dembele,Ruben Dias,Ruben Neves,Sancho or Longstaff etc didn’t arrive at Man Utd. And now they are paying the price for it. Do we blame the coach, yes maybe but only to a certain point. The current squad needs CB,LB,RWM ,RB or LWM ,2CAM,CDM, and one or two strikers. Jones,Rojo,Young,Lingard,Fosu Mensah,Sanchez even Pogba are just a number of players that must go. AWB is a good RB back but still has some serious flaws , especially going forward. Maybe turning him into a CB should suffice. So realistically Man Utd need about 10 players. We have a good crop of youngsters, Williams, Greenwood, Garner, Gomez,etc, but we won’t be winning titles with them ,with all respect due to them. If Man is in rebuilding prosses, firing and hiring is not a solution. Like others have commented,give OGS the squad he wants ,and if he fails what you gonna do youfire him? The next manager comes in and probably sell 60 percent of the squad OGS assembles,and than we back to square one. So how patient will supporters and the board be,if things go sour. And how long is this rebuilding process gonna take. January ED must buy or have deals in place even if certain players must stay and join next season,but January will be pivotal for Man Utd.

  15. I know what means for all of us when it becomes to support man united.one day we will sing also sack pochettino .it’s was the same thing we sang sack Jose the best coach. Bt the problem is the board sell for me Manchester united.then happiness will be back at the old Trafford. Idont think pochettino has ever won atrophy as a manager!!don’t you see? The solution is at the owner. Everything has got its own reign its time they also consider retirements.we have thing best pple at old Trafford retired.lovely coach Alex.f. Ronaldo left.ggigs.poul.fedinard.no2 Garry.carto’n. shelligton.loudvan.rayol Kean.also we all remember the goal of Ole.in champions league in deadly minutes. So lets show the owners the door and say enough is enough man united is in our blood.we appreciated the contribution u did but it’s times to leave Boss.lets all remember when Chelsea was struggling until was sold. The owner changes the game.i love you all Manchester united.

  16. Guys i didn’t comment on all this from the beginning for the post, because i wasn’t here.
    but i want to said we batter keep OGS, because the issue is not about the coaches is about the nature we have been for Long under Frige.
    there’s a good side on OGS because if you notice we never lost to big reveals since we start playing and I’m sure the-same will be tomorrow with City we win or drawn and that make us to be proud as United Fans.

    please lets give the man some time he’s building a future team not for now.

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